IPL Treatment Schedule: How to Achieve Optimal Results

For patients to get the best results from IPL therapy, it is generally recommended that they receive 4 to 6 treatments scheduled four weeks apart. But what should you expect after your IPL treatment? After your first session, it is appropriate to schedule the following sessions with an interval of months. However, you should opt for this program only when you feel the need, and you will need at least three to six treatments to get completely flawless skin. To preserve the effects of an IPL treatment, consistency is the key.

Therefore, there are a certain number of sessions that you need to undergo in order to achieve long-term results. Patients who receive IPL treatments every two months see better results when addressing their skin care needs. The frequency and number of follow-up treatments for intense pulsed light will vary depending on the condition you are treating, so you and your doctor will analyze your situation and determine the treatment program that is right for you. Typically, patients will schedule a follow-up procedure with their doctor every 4 to 6 months.

You should see a change in your skin after your first IPL treatment appointment, but you will notice that over time and with multiple treatments, your skin will look smoother, smoother, and brighter. The number of treatment sessions and skin problems can also determine the frequency and timing of treatment. Most patients are advised to undergo at least three sessions of IPL therapy scheduled at four-week intervals. The four-week intervals are specifically programmed to coincide with the skin's natural regeneration process.

On average, most patients' skin cells grow and die within 30 days. Scheduling treatments more than four weeks apart gives these skin imperfections a chance to return, which somehow undermines the treatment work that has been completed. The typical hair growth cycle varies between people and can take up to 18 to 24 months, depending on the area of the body (armpits, lower leg and bikini area may take longer). Since only hairs in their growth phase are amenable to light treatment, it is important to perform multiple treatments to achieve smooth and continuous skin.

For this reason, we recommend a start-up phase of 4 to 12 treatments per week to achieve optimal results. If you no longer see hair growing, you don't need to complete the full 12 weekly treatments. You can switch to maintenance treatments. For the first 4 treatments, use Lumea once every two weeks to make sure all hairs are treated.

Treat yourself within 3 days before or after your planned date. If you have not treated yourself within 3 days before or after your planned treatment date, restart the initial phase. That is why it is important to buy a reliable IPL phone and the IPL hair removal device from Mello Beauty is one of those friends you can trust. To learn more about IPL treatments and how they might benefit you, call us at (21) 288-3200 to schedule a consultation.

Because the root of the hair needs to be intact for IPL treatment to work properly, it is essential to avoid practices that can pull a hair out of the root. IPL treatment is the next big thing after lasers and hard wax, to drive out uninvited guests: “the hair” of your skin. If you suffer from melasma, you should also avoid IPL treatment, as light energy can exacerbate melasma and make it more noticeable. While the IPL system offers adjustable energy levels, the device will not be as effective as receiving a hair removal treatment from a certified dermatologist such as Dr.

IPL treatments work very well to reduce and remove brown and red spots on the skin and create a better overall complexion. IPL treatment also called photorejuvenation or flashlamp therapy is a technology based on different wavelengths of light and is used as an anti-aging treatment to rejuvenate the skin. IPL treatment is not painful but rather feels a bit like an elastic band that breaks against the skin. As long as you take good care of your skin between treatments and long after the sessions are over, the results you get from your IPL photofacial can last for many years.

Since IPL photofacials are not surgical or invasive, this treatment can be performed approximately once a month or once every four weeks until the desired result is achieved. IPL hair removal was one of the first laser hair removal techniques developed and is still very popular as it can also offer skin resurfacing in the treatment area. In particular, IPL treatment is highly effective in eliminating evidence of skin damage removing hair and maintaining firm healthy and young skin without being invasive or ablative meaning that the procedure does not remove the skin or require any incisions.

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