Can I shave after IPL treatment?

You can shave after IPL treatments, but avoid any treatment that removes hair by the root. You can shave after receiving a laser hair removal treatment. However, it is important that you do not shave right away. Philips says you can wax, wax or wax before sessions.

However, you should wait 24 hours before you epilate your hair. This allows any redness and irritation of the skin to fade, and some hair to grow back on the hair follicles. About 2 or 3 weeks after a laser hair removal treatment, 10 to 20% of treated hairs will fall out. During the healing phase, the area should be treated delicately.

If a scab develops, let it fall off on its own. Apply a thin layer of aloe vera ointment to the treated area several times a day to keep it moist. Do not shave the area if it is swollen or crusted. In addition to moisturizing the skin two nights before a permanent hair removal treatment such as IPL and VPL, you should also shave.

But do it lightly, briefly, with some excess hair, because the hair is needed to attract light for the treatment to be effective. It is not necessary to allow hair to grow before treatment, as it is necessary to shave (DO NOT WAX OR EPILATE) the day or the day before the treatment. Shaving your hair before laser hair removal treatment is completely fine, you can shave the night before or the day of your treatment.

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